February 1, 2018

Rugs are a must-have for any home. With so many design options and practical uses, they’re a great alternative to wall-to-wall carpet. However, not all rugs are right for your space, your style, or your needs. In this blog, the luxury rug experts at Apadana Fine Rugs will provide some do’s and don’ts for how […]

5 Ways to Embrace the Scandinavian Trend at Home

January 10, 2018

  Flip through any popular home decor magazine or website and you’ll see how big Scandinavian design has become in the last few years. It’s a trend that originally rose to popularity in the 1950s, along with mid-century modern furniture styles, but has come roaring back into our homes and hearts with fresh new style. […]

Rugs in Adjoining Rooms

October 30, 2017

If you’re like the luxury rug enthusiasts at Apadana Fine Rugs, you love how a rug can tie the look of your room together for cohesive, stunning, and one-of-a-kind results. That’s one of the reasons we’re in the rug business to begin with! However, things can get a little complicated when we start dealing with […]

Where Do I Need Rugs?

September 7, 2017

Rugs are a staple of any home, providing incredible aesthetic value and much-needed comfort and softness in just about any room. But where do you need rugs in your home, exactly? The answer might surprise you. In this blog, the luxury rug experts at Apadana Fine Rugs will show you where you need rugs in […]

Things Every Great Room Needs

August 22, 2017

We all have different tastes when it comes to interior design. Some of us like our homes to feel sleek, stark, and modern, like a spaceship filled with IKEA furniture. Some of us like more of an old school, antique feel that turns back time and feels warm and welcoming. Some of us want a […]

How Rugs Are Made in Nepal

July 26, 2017

Fine rugs are one of the most important aspects of any room, but it’s easy to overlook how intricate their construction is. While many have an idea of how rugs are made, most people are surprised to learn exactly how rugs are made! The process starts with high quality wool from Nepal. The Nepalese have […]

Contemporary Rug Arrivals!

July 18, 2017

Contemporary style is a popular design theme that encompasses a range of designs from the second half of the 20th century. Home decor in a contemporary style often includes softened and rounded lines. Neutral elements and bold color are also popular with contemporary designs. Color palettes include of brown, taupe, cream and pure white. Accents […]

Pet Stain Removal Tips

July 12, 2017

You love your pet and most of the time they’re very well behaved, but eventually you’ll need to clean up a mess from your furry friend. These tips are designed to help you be prepared for any situation that might arise from your pets. Although these methods are worth a try and can sometimes be […]

New Hotel & Hospitality Services!

June 28, 2017

Apadana Fine Rugs has been providing its clients with beautiful high quality rugs for many years, and now we’re proud to announce our services in a new sector. For years, we have provided services to home designers and architects. We are thrilled to announce we are now offering services to projects in hotel spaces as well! […]

Shopping in Beautiful Downtown SoNo!

June 26, 2017

While Apadana Fine Rugs offers amazing services and products for your home, there’s plenty of other amazing shops in the SoNo area. In this blog post, learn about some amazing shopping destinations in the SoNo area. Take a stroll by the water, check out the aquarium and stop by some of some of these shops […]

Rug Cleaning Solutions

June 12, 2017

Each and every fine rug has its own unique story and its our responsibility to continue and existence of your amazing rugs! Through our expert quality cleaning and protection services you can keep your rugs in top quality all the time. For years, Apadana Fine Rugs has provided Fairfield County, the tri-state area and the […]

Great Videos About Rug-Making

June 6, 2017

Apadana Fine Rugs could talk all day about how Persian luxury rugs are made, how they’re cleaned, and what they mean to Persian culture and the world at large. But instead, let’s let the Internet talk for us! In this blog, we’re heading down the YouTube rabbithole to learn about the world of handmade Persian […]

Custom Rug Services!

June 2, 2017

At Apadana Fine Rugs, we specialize in the creation of custom rugs for our clients. Our customers are provided with the highest quality rugs individually tailored to meet their specific requirements. With the help of the Apadana design team and our expert manufacturers, we can create the perfect rug for your design plans. Regardless of […]

Quick & Dirty Rug Cleaning Tips

May 30, 2017

After purchasing a gorgeous one of a kind rug from Apadana Fine Rugs, you rush home and immediately find the best spot for your new rug. After a few minutes of bliss, your dog runs in, covered in mud and dirties your brand new rug. Moments like these are unavoidable in any home, and should […]

Asking the Right Questions

March 28, 2017

Buying a luxury rug is an investment—a purchase that should come with good deal of thought. Not all rugs are created equal, and not all rugs are created for your specific space and needs, so it’s important to ask yourself a few critical questions while you’re going through the rug shopping process. From Apadana Rugs […]

Handling A Spot Stain Emergency

March 27, 2017

You just purchased a beautiful oriental luxury rug from Apadana Fine Rugs, and you anxiously await the moment that you can roll it out. It’s the final component to complete your living room—the signature piece that shows off your unique and tasteful design sense, and the final element that ties your home’s entire look together. […]

Flatweave & Kilim Arrivals

March 17, 2017

Some of the most iconic styles featured in our rug collection are flatweave rugs. Kilim and flatweave rugs have been in production since the ancient times, with some examples dating back to the fourth or fifth century. Kilim rugs are made by weaving strands together to produce a flat surface with no pile. The practice of producing flatweave rugs […]

Moroccan Rug Arrivals & History

Some of the most unique and artistic rugs in our collection are Moroccan rugs. These amazing pieces are all hand-knotted and contain intricate designs. Moroccan rugs date back as far as the Paleolithic Era, and were traditional woven for utility rather than decorative purposes. These rugs have quite a different style than many other traditional […]

Distressed & Overdyed Rugs

While traditional antique and vintage rugs can enhance any decor, sometimes we desire a bit more flare and color than traditional rugs can provide. This is where distressed and overdyed rugs come in. These unique rugs present a modern twist on some traditional pieces. We take older rugs and give them a make-over, preserving the beautiful […]

Swedish & Scandinavian Arrivals!

Swedish rugs have long been praised more as works of art than items of utility. These gorgeous rugs posses a unique style not found in any other type of rug. Swedish rugs date as far back as the middle ages, with influence from the Ottoman Empire. The unique style of these rugs developed with use of […]

Oushak Arrivals & History

March 16, 2017

Oushak rugs are some of the best pieces in our collection, and for good reason. These amazing rugs have unique styles and interesting history. Oushak rugs are named after their town of origin in Anatolia (shown on the right), a region that makes up the majority of modern day Turkey. While Oushak style rugs have been […]

Serapi Rug History & New Arrivals

Our gorgeous collection of antique and vintage rugs features an assortment of styles, including amazing Serapi rugs. These beautiful rugs have quite an interesting history in addition to their intricate designs. You may not know that Serapi rugs are actually not their own unique style, but rather the word Serapi refers to a higher quality […]

Khotan Antique & Vintage Arrivals!

March 15, 2017

In our amazing Antique and Vintage collection, we have gathered many one of a kind Khotan pieces. Khotan rugs express a union between multiple cultures. This style was born in an area along the silk trade route in western China. Rugs from this area contain elements of the Persian, Turkish and Turkoman cultures. The marriage of […]

Chinese Peking & Art Deco Arrivals!

At Apadana Fine Rugs, we present you with the most diverse collection of rugs to choose from. Our new Chinese Peking and Art Deco style rugs are an amazing addition to our vast catalog. Chinese carpets such as these date back as far as 2,000 years ago. These rugs were originally used as carpets in […]

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