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Your fine rug will look like new after we finish cleaning it! Our luxury rug cleaning service offers exceptional results at a reasonable price.

care-471653722We are one of the only rug cleaning companies that have the capability to custom-treat your fine, hand knotted, oriental carpets and power-loomed area rugs. Our stain removing expertise can help to restore the original look of your area rug. Our wool nourishing lanolin and our homemade natural formula is second to none.

We highly recommend that all fine area rugs be hand washed professionally every 1-3 years depending on the usage to minimize wear and preserve the rug. We offer several rug cleaning methods depending on the type of stain, rug material, rug age, rug knots, and rug colors.

We’ll determine the best way to clean your luxury rugs. Our services for local clients start with our professional rug inspection in the comfort of your home or office. Our service includes pick up & delivery, as well as furniture organization during the pick up, delivery, and installation process.

If we notice that any of your rugs are in need of repairs, we will provide you with various options. We will also advise you whether your padding needs replacing, and will recommend the right type of padding for your rugs. We have the tools and knowledge to restore your rug to its original beauty.



Restore your rug to its original beauty!

The main purpose of repairing an antique rug is to preserve the beautiful antique work of art as well as the value of your rug.

We have an in-house staff of experts, re-weavers, and restoration specialists. Every rug that comes in for repair and restoration is well inspected by a specially trained staff member who has the skill and knowledge to preserve the color, design, and composition of your vintage or luxury rug.

repair-178152753Rugs are mainly susceptible to the following issues:

Wear – due  to foot traffic and / or rough vacuuming
Damage – due to moths and other insects
Stains – from food or beverages
Burns – from smoking or fireplaces
Damage leaks from plumbing / potted plants


How to minimize the risks of damaging to your rug:

Watch Out for Moths – Clothes moths present a threat to your luxury or vintage rugs, as they feast upon protein fibers like wool, silk, and specialty hair fibers (though they can and do consume synthetic fibers as well). The best way to protect your rugs from these pests is to keep your rooms and rugs clean. Check the underside of your rug periodically to look for evidence of moths, especially the white silky cobwebs of the larvae. Some residences tend to have moths. If you fall into this category use moth spray periodically, even on the reverse side of rugs in active use.

Storing Your Rugs – If you store rugs folded or rolled, use mothballs or cedar shavings and check the rugs every month or two. Make sure to have them fully wrapped and sealed so that water and humidity can’t enter. It might be wise to not have the rug sitting directly on the floor of your storage facility. If a leak does occur, it might be days before you find out and you surely would not want your rug sitting in water for the entire time.

Burns – Make sure to have something placed under a candle or incense. This way, the hot wax and ash won’t fall directly onto the carpet’s surface.

Flower Pots – Make sure you have something under flower pots where the water can pool. As long as the area rug remains dry, you will not see any issues.

Minimize Foot Traffic – Even the finest rug will wear down if subjected to repeated traffic.

Rotate the Rug – It is important to rotate the rug every two years so that traffic is spread evenly over the piece.

Vacuum Your Carpet – Frequent vacuuming is essential to removing dust and grit that is ground into the pile under foot traffic. Use only ordinary suction vacuuming.

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