Apadana Collection

Apadana Collection

Our exclusive private label collection, where you have the ability to choose the size and colors of your own elegant, custom rug.


Apadana Fine Rugs' Artisan line is an elegant way to inject a striking aesthetic impact into a space. This line of rugs is decidedly unique. Every single piece from our Artisan line are painstakingly woven by hand.

One will notice as they peruse the Artisan line that it displays inspiration from both Persia, as well as influences from Turkey.

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The Groove line is exceedingly elegant. It is highly sought after due to these particular rugs’ artistic designs and intricate color combinations. These are very versatile rugs–pieces of art that can be placed almost anywhere. 

Their wool and bamboo silk composition is pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to touch. When added to a room, rugs from our Groove line put a remarkable and unique stamp on a room.

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At Apadana Fine Rugs, we travel the world searching for the perfect pieces for discerning individuals. Our Safi line is nothing short of extraordinary. Many people remark that these rugs display an inherently natural and beautiful look. 

Our Safi line of rugs are Moroccan inspired. Their 100% wool makeup assures one of their timelessness and quality. These rugs have the ability to bring an air of refinement into a space. And their unique flair is always a conversation starter. 

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Simple, magnificent and unique–that is how many have described our Westport line of rugs. Their textured look gives these rugs both depth and dimension. Each and every one of our Westport rugs are intricately woven and radiate sophistication. 

Our Westport rugs are designed to stand the test of time, while simultaneously showing off their artistic beauty, which is always elegantly present. They bring a warm and rich feel to any room.

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Our hand woven Sasco rugs are incredibly sophisticated and display untold style. Many describe these pieces as sumptuous when it comes to their look and feel. 

These textured rugs are simply the right direction when it comes to your decorating scheme. Their unique charm has the ability to transform a space in a way that is both elegant and natural.

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